30 Haziran 2009 Salı


i'm having a nervous breakdown.
i'm NOT having a nervous breakdown.

everybody's talking, shouting and it's getting louder and louder and more annoying each time.
i don't need to LET them effect me, do i?

the tears are right behind my eyeballs, trying to get out.
there's just a brain behind my eyes. and THAT'S ALL.

but it screams for help.
no. my brain doesn't scream. and it NEVER asks for help.

i am just a cold, arrogant bitch.

just a little depressed maybe?
there's no depression.

and i am fine now.

2 yorum:

Aslı Soylu dedi ki...

aa bu benim lan :)

İnci Vardar dedi ki...

yaa şekerim, arkadaşlık böyle bir şey işte. seni hissederek yazmışım meğersem. :)