4 Kasım 2007 Pazar

i touched her thigh and death smiled

who wouldn't fall in love with her?
each day i find a new dead to cry for. this one had a motorcycle.
the loved ones make the most damage. cheers, this one is for you.
you would love her until your dreams shatter beyond repair. but she never breaks your heart really.
i'm concerned about the mother mostly. i couldn't even go to the funeral.
and the black dog chases. and the dead end is gray. shiny big teeth reach for the throat.
then there is silence. shocked with grief, she might well be staring at the walls all day.
come and dance with me. with enough alcohol, you won't know the difference.
then you fall in love. then you realize you're not the one.
you've never met someone like her. you probably never will. in her unique androgyny, she gently slips inside you.
with enough alcohol and the girl around, everyone can dance. and everyone dances.
nobody knows her name, she wouldn't tell. nobody knows if she's sane or not. somebody calls her insane. somebody always does.
and you can see her pretty eyes filled with tears. and you try to tell her, that particular death wasn't that bad. she wouldn't listen. if you insist, she would make you regret it.
then the time was out. the game was over. dazed and confused. fast and furious. lost and delirious. dead and gone.
"her kiss is her touch is her breath is her fingers is what remains after the laughing is over."

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you said something
you said something stupid like
love steals us from loneliness
say a prayer
are you heeeedeeee nav der
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