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just incase

bir gün gerekebilir diye buraya koyuyorum. ghetto hikayesinin ilk hali buydu:

A long time ago the outcasts of the city decided to leave. Some went to the forest, became a part of the wild. Some stayed by the river for a peaceful life. Some came out to be the mountain folk; tough and proud.

But some...

Dancing their way through ecstasy, they never stopped. On the road they lived and loved and let go. The music never faded. With guitars, drums and violins they moved. With the magic of the sound they entered towns. With the fire within their hearts they seducted. With warm kisses they took off and left broken hearts behind.

And one day, they reached the heart of the town.

And then nothing was the same again...

Part 1 – Heart of a gypsy

I was having some coffee in a cafe and reading my book. It was just an ordinary day. The dangling of the doorbells were joined with the tingling of beads, flapping of a denim skirt and silent steps of bare feet. Right after catching my eyes, she reached close, scattered some stones over the table. I thought she was going to tell my fortune. Surprisingly she asked, “You wanna see what lies in my heart?”

Part 2 – Resurrection of the beat

He was wearing tight, low-cut denim. His shirt left his chest bare, showing the gypsy tattoos and a wooden necklace. The attactive part was not his looks but his style. Then I heard drums. People gathered around a bonfire, sharing drinks and hugs. Dancing to the beat, they resurrected the old shaman inside. Then he saw me watching. Reached out a hand.
“Why don’t you join us?” he asked, “This will be a totally new experience.”

Part 3 – Light my fire

Part 4 – Under the neon sky

Part 5 – On the road again

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